Monday, December 15, 2008

Glen's 2008 Picks

1.Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell
2.Ratatat - LP3
3.Innerpartysystem - Innerpartysystem
4Foxy Shazam - Introducing...
5.Girl Talk - Feed The Animals
6.Kanye West - 808s And Heartbreak
7.Lydia - Illuminate
8.Dear And The Headlights - Drunk Like Bible Times
9.Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
10.Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Honorable Mention:
-Maps & Atlases - You And Me And the Mountain
-Late Of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel
-Minus The Bear - Acoustics
-Does It Offend You, Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You're Dealing With
-The Maccabees - Color It In

1.Step Brothers
3.Speed Racer
4.Synecdoche, New York
5.Sex Drive

TV Shows:
1.It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
2.South Park
3.30 Rock
4.The Office

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Always Right

So in attempt to expand the stuff we cover on this site, I'm going to post something different. A couple months ago I was turned onto a site called I have since fallen in love with it. The concept is extremely simple. People write in about their interactions with terrible customers. It's insane to read the immense stupidity of your average customer. Working in Retail for several years of my life gives me an even greater appreciation for this website. Go there and have your mind boggled.

As a little bonus CheckOut a story I submitted and had published on there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Charlie Bartlett

I know it's hard to believe, but yah I actually liked this movie. For a High School movie it was pretty decent. There were the typical lame cliches, but the main character/actor was great. I think this kid (Anton Yelchin) could really blow up. He took some really interesting turns with the character. The film is very reminiscent of Ferris Bulers day off. Not so much in the plot, but how one student obtains a sort of supernatural presence. Robert Downey Jr was great as usual, and Chris would have enjoyed Kat Dennings. If your looking for a indie teen movie check this out. I remeber seeing previews for the movie in theatre, and wasn't interested at all, but this is definately worth a viewing.

P.S. apparantly this kid is going to be playing Kyle Reese in the new terminator movie. Could be cool.
Also there is at least like 5 people from Degrassi in this. Must have been filmed in Canada.
One more thing. this is my favorite scene from the movie.

Foxy Shazam - Introducing

Foxy Shazam is quite possibly the most original sounding band I've heard in ages, and Introducing is a Bear of a fucking record. This music will seriously rock your teeth out. Ignore the goofy name, and goofy album art, and go check them out (myspace). The album starts out with what seems to be an old school pimp introducing them live on stage. The lead singer then begins screaming which starts off a song in which the lead singer keeps proclaiming how much he wishes he was black. The rest of the album continues be just as strange. The music ranges from My Chemical Romance to David Bowie to Chiodos to Meat Loaf to Andrew WK to James Brown. It's all over the place, but at the same time has a very distinct and original sound. Do yourself a favor and go check out Foxy Shazam!

Just Add Water

I seriously do not understand how this movie enlisted some many big names. All of these people must have owed the director or producer a couple big favors. This was a pretty pointless movie. It's about the shittiest town you've ever seen, in nowhere, CA. And all the people are too stupid to get out of the worst fucking place on earth. Oh did I forget to mention that Bro's run the town on their motor cross bikes. Yah. It's also got Danny DeVito trying to do rope tricks, which was kind of funny. But to be honest. This is definitely a movie you can skip, unless you are really hard up for a new movie from Jonah Hill or Justin Long (who was actually a little funny in this).

King Corn

A documentary about Corn. What could be more exciting? Well, to be honest a whole lot of things, but this Doc wasn't bad. There are some really interesting facts about corn in this thing. It's essentially the equivalent of Super Me for Corn. Who knew corn was so bad for you, or that it was so heavily used in American diets. I already knew several of the facts that were presented in the documentary, but it was very interesting, to see how corn is made, then used, and ultimately where it ends up. If your into documentaries along the lines of Supersize Me, you'll probably thoroughly enjoy this movie. But for anyone else besides farmers, this should probably be a pass.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Legend Of 1900 ??

The story of a baby found aboard The Virginia a boat that transferred Europeans to America in the early 1900's, and his life of never leaving the boat. This was a pretty good movie starring Tim Roth. I've notice Tim Roth actually can act. Good for him. Anyways check it out.

The world pasted me by one Travis? at a time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Guide To Recgnizing Your Saints ??

if your one of those people who think Shia Labeouf can only play the even stevens character you need to watch this movie. the movie is story about an accomplished author who shows you how he got out of the ghetto and what he goes back for. i remember seeing the trailer for this movie and wanted to see it so i was excited. the movie is actually only very ok. beyond labeouf acting everyone else is ok. but hey check it out anyways. robert downey jr, chazz palminteri, and my favorite rosario dawson.

new york aint nothing with out Traivs?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stomp The Yard ?

one ?. yes this movie its pretty... ehhh. so the story follows a young man whose brother gets killed after a stomping competition, and then following his fall and rise to stomping greatness. did you get that. what i thought was funny is the movie revolves around stomping, but not once do they tell you how, or what is a good form of stomping. so in the end its just another underdog story. hey instead of seeing this watch Rocky.

will you help me protect this Travis?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prom Night

Wow...this movie good. I've seen many bad horror movies, but this one was definately one of the more terrible ones. So this movie is about a girl named Donna whose family is killed by a teacher at her high school who is obsessed with her. Years later she is still living in the same town, with her aunt and uncle, while her stalker bides his time in prison. So we all know he won't be in there for long, and sure enough he miraculously escapes from a vent in his cell (why on earth would there be a vent that could be accessed as an exit in his cell is a really good question) just in time to crash Donna's prom, which this movie touts as one of the most important nights of anybody's life. So to make a long story short the killer shows up, starts killing Donna's friends, and I'm sure you can predict what happens. This movie was full of horror cliches and the acting wasn't very good, but the real reason this movie fell flat is the killer isn't convincing at all, and he isn't scary at all. Due to this unfortunate casting the movie becomes dull and there isn't any real fear when the killer pops up on screen which is necessary for a horror movie to succeed. Overall I would say don't rent this movie, even if you are a huge fan of Brittany Snow, or Jessica Stroup (which I am) it's not worth the ensuing boredom.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Restoration ??

I'm not a huge fan of time pieces. They are so hit or miss. this is a story set in 1660 england. A doctor is called upon by the king and rewarded for his works but the reward end up baring consequence. i can say i enjoyed this movie. Starring robert downey jr, sam neil, and meg ryan. if you lika the old european movies check this one out.

we may die tonight for king and Travis?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Alien 3 ??

this is third instillation of the alien quadrilogy. so this time ellen finds herself marooned on a planet that's is essential a prison. i love the alien series but this one is kinda on the week side. theres plot holes the size of buses in this film. the upside to it is the acting in this movie is very well done. look for Charles Dutton playing the malcom x type. i would say check this out if you like the series, or are a fan of sci fi.

they mostly come out at Travis? mostly.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Search Of Orange Bang

i know what your thinking. is orange bang that some kind of drug? if by drug mean delicious orange drink then you'd be correct. seen mostly at southern california taquerias. it has been rumored to be here in northeran california but few have seen it. if you find a location with said drink contact me quick fast and in hurry.

thank you


Cube ??

people told me that if i like the saw movies i would like this because their the same movies. wrong. they both have surviror mentality but for different reasons. the saw movies are, are you willing to mame yourself to not die. Cube was are you smart enough to survive. i did enjoy this movie. its a story of a group of survivors that wake up in a room, and as they go from room to room they discover more of the mystery of what is going on. the movie is pretty orginal and you can see where saw got some of its material. the only downside to me was some of the actors are terrible. oh well. check it out.

its a game can't you see that. he wants use to Travis?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Naked Brothers Band:Polar Bears ??

now if your a NBB fan like me, and i know i am you will enjoy this movie. the band kicks off their summer tour while on the road the band meets up with a friends from New Orleans. yea they go over the whole global warming thing, and katrina, but in a way that its not annoying or takes away from the movie. so like i said you enjoy the greatest band of 12 year olds every see this movie it will change your life.

if that not Travis? than what is.

Reservoir Dogs ??

so i just re watched this the other day. i think the last time i saw it was in high school. its the story of crooks who meet up after a the job they pull on a diamond store, and they try to figure what went wrong. i like this movie for the fact that its pretty original because its a heist movie thats not about the heist. my only complaint to the movie is its hard to like the character with little to no back ground, or character development. its good thought with ending you'd even the kiddies can enjoy. check it out.

nah baby this is a Travis? whats a Travis?

Glen's Take:
I agree with a lot of what you said. But you said there is no character development. I really disagree. There is no back story on the characters, but the whole movie is character development. It's tough fully developing all the characters, because it's an ensemble cast. But I think several of the characters especially the cop(Tim Roth) (who did have backstory), and Harvey Keitels characters, both had a significant amount of of Character Development.


New podcast up. 2 in a week! wowza. This week(again) we talk about Tropic Thunder, villians, product placement, and Tatoos.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I don't think I could have been more ambivalent about seeing this movie. But the Blank Crew was at Blockbuster, and I let Travis and Chris pick the movie, and they decided on this. I wasn't excited about it, but I also wasn't against it.
We started watching and surprisingly it wasn't bad. I was into it. The acting wasn't bad. The story was progressing nicely, and the main character was relatable. Besides a series of lame duck voice overs, and a plot that revolved around math, it wasn't bad. But near the end the movie did one of my ultimate pet peeves. It did the classic were gonna shit all over the main character moves. Where in a single stroke the main character loses everything. And on top of that this is when the logic started to leave the movie. I spent the rest of the movie complaining about all the inconsistencies, and out of character moments, which totally took me out of the movie. Then it all wrapped up with a semi-sweet ending.
The end result: If you like Gambling Movies, are a math nerd, or enjoy the work of Kate Bosworth, you'll probably dig this movie. If not, prepare to be moderately entertained.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lost Pants

Our releases have been a little wonky. What with the vacations and all. But we've got a surprise! We've got an extra episode this week. We're reviewing all those extra crappy summer movies. We talk about the Mummy 3, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. That's right. The pants.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Never Back Down

So most who saw previews for this movie would probably say never press play, but out of pure curiosity the blank crew decided to rent and watch this one. Everyone came into the movie thinking it would be terrible and I think pretty much everyone but me thought it was. I actually was entertained by this movie even though the plot was the same as every teenager moves to a new town where everyone is rich movie. The fight sequences were fairly entertaining and Amber Heard looks extremely hot in this movie, so that was worth it for me. This movie seems like an updated version of The Karate Kid, but if you don't have anything to do, are a bro, or enjoy ultimate fighting then this movie is worth a viewing.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


So the blank crew sat down a couple days ago, and watched the movie Otis. We had seen the preview, and all thought it looked like it could be entertaining. The movies basic plot is that there is a serial killer (Otis) who is kidnapping girls to go the prom with him. Sound interesting right? Well if the movie had been just that, it wouldn't have been bad. I'd go as far as to say that the first 45 minutes of the movie we were actually enjoying the movie. It had some laughs, some gore, and interesting characters, but about half way through the movie we realized they'd pretty much already resolved the Otis story, but there was still another 1 hour left in the movie. At this point the movie takes a ridiculous turn, and it's all down here from there. The second half of the movie was pretty terrible, and became too goofy, and unrealistic. If you saw previews for this movie and were interested, check it out, but turn it off after the first 45 mintues.

Blank Express

It's not at our usual time, but the new episode is already up! Since we didn't have an episode last week we put this one up early. This week we talk about Pineapple Express, my fucked up dog, old jobs, and the ineptitude of G4's movie reviewer.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Ruins?

this movie "Ruined" my day. please do not see this movie. i dont care if it is free or on demand or whatever please do not see this movie. 5 tourists go finds ruins in the heart of south america and start getting killed. yep that it. there more to it but im not gonna go on for fear of what i might say about certain people. you know who. "them" so the stories bad, actings bad, i hated everything about this movie. the movie is bad i hate you for reading this.

there's something in me i feel it in my Travis?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lost Boys: The Tribe

So Lost Boys: The Tribe, and the original Lost Boys share a lot of things in common which should be expected of sequels, but the funniest thing about this movie is that it had pretty much the exact same plot as the first one. I actually really enjoyed the original Lost Boys, so I didn't hate watching this one, but it was a little surprising that the filmmakers couldn't come up with something a little bit different then person get's seduced into drinking vampire blood, person starts exhibiting vampire behavior in front of family member, person's family member tries to kill main vampire before person turns into a full blooded vampire which was also the plot in the original. The one thing this movie had that the original didn't was Autumn Reeser who this reviewer thinks is crazy hot, so that definately made the movie more enjoyable for me. All in all I would say fans of the original Lost Boys should check this movie out, but don't expect it to be as good as the original.

Plan 9 From Outer Space??

if you have heard of this movie it is because of one of these two things. Its an ed wood movie, dont know who that is huh well he was a writer director that made crazy movie for their time. i think now his movies would be way more accepted. two it has been dubbed the worst movie of all time by just about everybody. so the movie is about aliens who make dead people come back to life an attack the living. the effects are bad even for their time. but it adds to the cheese. i really dont see this as the worst movie of all time. i guess i would suggest maybe seeing the mystery science theater version or maybe the cinema insomnia one. yea. ehhhh.

the dead are getting up to kill and those they kill get up and Travis?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Apocalypse Now ??

this is a very famous vietnam movie. in short martin sheen is sent of a mission to kill marlon brando. this movie was ok at best. the narration got old after awhile and seemed unneeded half of the time. i will give the movie that i thought it was some of martin sheen, robert duvall, and marlon brando best work and they carry the piece. so if you like vietnam movies or any of the actors i just said check it out.

i love the smell of Travis? in the morning.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dan In Real Life

I was pleasantly surprised with Dan In Real Life. The trailers for the movie were completely unrepresentative of what the movie was about and made it appear to be another bad Steve Carrell family comedy, but this movie wasn't bad. Dan In Real Life is about a man who writes an advice column about parenting. Dan is a widower who has three daughters. The majority of the movie takes place at a family reunion at Dan's parents house in Rhode Island. There Dan meets an interesting woman in a book store and the two share a moment until the woman is called away by her boyfriend. Dan finds out later that the woman he met is his brother's girlfriend and she is also staying with them at Dan's parent's house, which makes for moments filled with ackward tension throughout the film. If you enjoy romantic comedies or are a Steve Carrell fan, then I would recommend Dan In Real Life to you, and you might even enjoy it if you aern't any of those things. Also Dane Cook delivers another unfunny but capable performance in this film.

The New World ?

wow, its movies like this that let you know how boring history can be. the famous story of john smith and pochantas. thats the plot. the movie crawls along and has shots much longer than they need to be. christian bale was even able to save this one. skip it. unless your into uber artsy crap.

savages savages their barely even Travis?

Diary of the Dead ?

why george why. this movie is the story of a bunch of film school students in the midst a zombie epidemic. this movie not a good first person camera movie, its not a good zombie, and has very little going for it. the truly only redeeming quailty is the side characters of this movie are great. Samuel a deaf amish is my favorite. uuuhhhhhhhhh other wise.

when there's no more room in hell Travis? shall walk the earth

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Prophecy ??

i actually enjoyed this movie. i thought it was original how the movie was about the fight between angels. usually its some guy fighting satan, or satan begin born into human form. the story follows an expreist now cop as he investigates a series of strange events. if you've heard of the movie its probably because christopher walken plays the archangel gabriel. which i have to say i thought he did a good job. the real surprise of the movie would be viggo mortensens role as the devil was one of the best portraits of the devil i've ever seen. you should see this movie.

tell em i coming and Travis? is coming with me.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Millers Crossing ??

this is a Coen movie. i do have to say i enjoyed it. so this is a mobster movie but with little violence. my boy gabriel byrne is it and i usually enjoy his work, so no surprise there with this one. i actually cant tell you too much about it with out giving things away. it s a good mobster movie so if you like those check it out the cast is pretty amazing and so is most the acting. my favorite part i will say is the shoot out to Danny Boy. so yea check it out.

lession learned Travis?

battle of shaker heights ??

this independent movie starring shia lebouf my be his best work. bold statement. well this was his only movie were i did feel like he was playing he even stevens role he so famous for. with that said lets keep rolling rolling rolling what. so this movie is essentially how life can be tough and confusing for teenagers. I'm sure we've all seen a few of those movies but with this one it feels reel between the dialogue and acting. this story comes to life. and magic. yea. so if your a shia fan, loved your high school years, or like shiri appleby. be sure to check this movie out. or do it anyways. i mean if you were cool you would do it.

hey hey hey hey don't you forget about Travis?

Freaked ?

i do not know how to categorize this movie. my first thoughts were its a kids movie, but then it was too dark, and the swearing. this movie stars alex winter or bill from bill and ted movies.its a story of a failed actor who becomes the spokesperson for this toxic crap and he goes to a freak show and the owner of the show randy quaid, turns alex in to a freak by using that toxic crap. yea, think about that. so this movie is terrible on many levels but at the same time i did have a couple laughs. look for bobcat goldthwait as sock head. but yea unless you are super bored our want to watch just a band movie, i would skip this one.

freaks and Travis?

Monday, July 28, 2008

soylent green??

this is a story about the future. a future where the world is over populated and pollution is making the earth barren. the movie stars charleton heston who at his best is ok. charleton is a detective investigating a murder and finds out a horror able secret. thats the plot. for the movie being set in 2020 everyone still dressed like the 70's. overall i did like this movie and you should check it out if you like the scifi.

soylent green is Travis?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Long BlankOween

New episode is up at myspace. Devin is back, and we talk for a long ass time about the Dark Knight. If you get the title of this episode, 1000 nerd points.

Monday, July 21, 2008

how well do you know Travis?

how well do you know travis
1) what is my last name

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dogs of War ??

i was very sceptical about this movie. why, christopher walken playing a mercenary. yea. this was a movie made some time in the early 80's so chris is very young. it also stars my boy tom berenger, but then you can't make a mercenary movie with tom. so the story is evil dictatorship mercenary unit sent in to take him out, but theres another reason people want the leader dead. but that a secret until you watch this fine piece of American cinema. so yea it was good, if you like christopher, tom , or mercenary movies you like this one too.

we were Travis?

Friday, July 18, 2008

songs stuff

so if your new to this blog or you just dont know this i have a stage name for my music. Sufferin Advocate. check it out. so what im gonna do is while i work on songs im going to be posting them and what they re about. so here we go.
i have this friend in arizona and i remember her one time telling me that is was crazy there and i came up with this line

she says AZ
is so crazy

i know its not great but it hasnt left me in years so im still trying to write a song around it.

she only calls me on my birthday
to sing me that song
the years have passed by
and i can tell somethings wrong
its the tone of her voice
or the beer on her breath
as she tells me she loves me
and misses the west

she says Az
is so crazy

and this is where im lost. yea. any help would help.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Into The Blue?

this movie. i dont even know where to start. i will say this if your gonna watch this movie get your favorite hard drink and take a shot every time the word "bro" is said. something i was suprised by was chris gave this movie a bad review being jessica albas in a bathing suit the WHOLE time. but this movie is pretty terrible. story of a guy who hunts for treasure and his shark expert girlfriend. they find treasure but they also find a sunken plane full with drugs and then the bad guys come looking for it. The upside to me was josh brolin was good as the bad guy. other than that this is just a good movie to watch if you have nothing to do.

cage goes into the water, Travis? is in the water, our Travis?

Vanishing Point ?

im sure theres people out there that would kick me in the junk for giving it only one ? but hear me out. vanishing point is a story of an excop/exrace car driver/ exmotorcycle driver. wow huh. that makes a friendly bet that he could make it to san francisco from denver in 17 hours. well off he goes and gets the cops attention right away and the movie becomes a 50 minute car chase. i will give this movie the character of super soul was pretty cool. so unfortunately this movie only gets a ? but if you are a fan of the original gone in sixty seconds or maybe even bullet you should check this out. or you could just watch the "show me how to live" music video from audioslave its clips from the movie making it a short version.

live fast die Travis?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Brief Wonderous Podcast

Oh yah. I almost forgot. New episode is up. This episode talks about Hellboy II, Kevin Costner, Blinky, and how gay we are. A little added note. The episode kind of ends at about 35 minutes, but we just kind of rambled on for another 10 minutes, we do give a bunch of random updates about the podcast, but that's about it.

Hell is Eternity In Bruges

So we see a movie every week, but some times there are too many movies and certain people *cough*chris*cough* don't want to see some of them. In Bruges was one of these movies. All in all this movie was pretty damn good. It's essentially a Hitman movie, but not like one you've ever seen before.

Without giving too much away. The movie starts off with two guys who are in Bruges after a Hit. And that's half the movie. The movie takes a turn about half through and changes quite a bit, but it's a very logical change, ane made a lot of sense. this movie is probably least action-packed action movie ever, but the real charm of this movie is the charcters. They were all great especially the midget actor.

I highly recomend renting this movie. Even if you hate Colin Farrell, don't worry, every one else makes up for it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ed Gein The Butcher Of Plainfield ?

so this a movie based on the "true events" of Ed Gein. those of you not educated in american serial killer history ed gein was the original leatherface. back in the 1950's in plainfield, wisconsin. he would wear peoples skin, dig up bodies for the cemetry, and who knows what else. so being that he is my favorite serial killer if i had to pick, i was looking forward to this movie. the movie also stars kane hodder, which i like the guy and he can act, he was just to big for the part. that and he was the best actor in the movie, makes it hard for me to root against him. so this movie only got ? but you if do like ed gein, leatheface, or kane hodder you should check this picture show out.

che che che ah ah ah Travis? Travis? Travis?

The Ten

So Travis and I decided to browse Starz on demand to see what movies were currently playing when we came across the movie "The Ten." I noticed that it starred Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Adam Brody, and Winona Ryder, so we decided to check it out. The movie is basically ten stories that are loosely based on the ten commandments. The movie had it's comical situations (a woman falling in love with a ventriloquist's dummy) but overall it got tiring and became sort of a labor to watch. By the 8th story I was ready to turn it off, but I wanted to see how it ended so I didn't. If you have the time and the patience to watch this movie, then I'd say it is worth a viewing, if anything just to see super cute Jessica Alba, but if you want to see a movie with a similar premise but far better, check out "Four Rooms," which features four stories, two of which were directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarrantino.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heima ??

so i didnt have too much to do yesterday so i was flipping through the channels again and came across Heima. I read the description"documentary of the 16 shows played by sigur ros in their home Iceland". hmmm i thought i do know people who love the sigur ros. i then decided to watch the movie. i do have to say that the band is extemely talented, and sing very little in english which is ok. still it was a pretty good movie. check it out if you like music documentaries, or sigur ros.

no iceland is green and greenland is Travis?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


so ive just been dying for movies to watch and this one was on the sundance channel today. so its starts of with a woman who is looking for a musician and man she had slept with and then the man gets deported. oh this is a foreign film. so she finds the man only for him to be like "i dont love and i wasnt deported i ran away". the rest of the film is her downward spiral and so on. the movie is pretty good and i only got lost in the tranlastion once. oh the movie also stars asia argento who is the daughter of the famous horror director dario argento. she also stared in george a romeros land of the dead. so if you like foreign flims, independent films or asia argento check this one out.

its the music of the Travis?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gotham Knights

I'm probably the only comic book geek on the planet that really doesn't care about the Dark Knight. That said I checked out this sort of prequel/link between Begins & DK animated movie anyways. I really had not read or seen much about it. Someone told me about it a couple months ago and I watched a trailer on YouTube, but had pretty much forgotten about it till I saw it up on a Torrent site on Monday.

Originally I thought this was going to be an animated movie with a continuous story that was a solid link between the two movies. It turns out it's actually a series of vignettes written by several comic writers and David Goyer. My first thought while watching this was that it is exactly like the Animatrix, but for Batman, and after reading some stuff online, that is apparantly what it was supposed to be.

Some of the stories were good, and some were kind of terrible, as one might expect from this sort of thing. Each story is done in a completely different animation style. The first one stood out to me because it was obviously done by the people who did Tekkonkinkreet, who's animation I loved, but the story left something to desired. The best story/animation combo was the story about Killer Croc. The last story with DeadShot was interesting as well. My biggest problem with this was that sometimes they took the anime treatment to far. In one story in particular they change Bruce Wayne so much that for the first 5 minutes I wasn't even sure it was Bruce Wayne.

As a final result. This movie was worth watching. Definately not something that you need to own. You would probably be interested in this if you are one of those people that is counting the days till the Dark Knight, really like Batman, or Just a fan of well produced anime. But rent, don't buy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Worst Episode

I've got to start off by apologizing. This weeks show is pretty bad, and we had a lot of problems, and chris is playing guitar the whole time (I don't if this is good or bad). But yah, new episode up. We talk about Hancock, Beverly Hills 90210, Rocking Funerals, Kangaroos, and Travis being Quarantined. Check it out at myspace or iTunes

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day of the Dead ?

ok ok the first movie to get one ? how bad could a straight to dvd remake be. very bad. strike one straight to dvd, strike two nick cannon i mean its bad when vhing rhames acts circles around you, and strike three it was so bad i think it gave me cancer. so i would still suggest seeing it if you are a die hard zombie fan-romero fan so you can be as upset as i am. so yea. theres more i could say but i really dont want too. uhhhhhhhhhhh.

dont kill him hes still Travis?

This sums up what was wrong with the movie. At one point a Zombie did a flip and then crawled several feet on the ceiling and then did another flip to the ground and killed some dude. yah.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Mr Hashbrowns

New Episode Up at Myspace. Special guest star DJ Hashbrowns. We talk about Wanted, Lost, Bums, Chucky, and of course Hashbrowns.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunshine ??

me and the boys just watched a movie called Sunshine. it is a movie that came out last year and stars killian murphy, and chris evans. now i wasnt sure what to think of this movie because it was glens movie of the year last year. but i am happy to say it was one of the best sci fi movies in 5 years maybe more. to me the only down side was if you have seen alot of scifi movies this one was pretty predicable. but at the same time entertaining enough to let you forget that point. and the soundtrack to this film was great i dont know who did it but i really enjoyed it. so yea check this movie out.

is cold out in space Travis?

The Love Guru

So I saw The Love Guru last night, starring Mike Myers. I knew going into the movie that it was going to be bad, but I've enjoyed past Mike Myers movies such as the Austin Powers trilogy and the first Wayne's World so I decided to give it a chance. The movie ended up being as bad as I expected. There were a few laughs that were achieved through very crude humor, but for the most part the movie was horribly written, and the acting was even worse. Justin Timberlake actually ended up being the funniest character in the film playing a French Canadien goalie for the L.A. Kings who happened to be a Celine Dion super fan (which makes for some of the better laughs in the movie.) In all I would say if you are a fan of smart comedies then The Love Guru isn't for you, and even if you like dumb comedies, you might still dislike it. My recommendation...wait until it plays on tv.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Blankening

New Episode Up. We talk about The Happening, Get Smart, Carbon Footprints, Vampires and Robot Owls.

what condiment are you

Janikowski all time leader?

yes its true if he is able to get 56 more pionts he becomes the raiders all time scoring leader. now thats a scary thought. who would have thought he would still be on the team. Sea Bass. well tune this season to watch him do it.

Go Raiders

Lars and the real girl ??

so this movie was given to my by my sister for my birthday. i can only wonder if she was trying to say something. the story is about a man named lars who lives in his brothers garage. hes a complete loner ,so he orders a sex doll that he believes is alive. yea. i usually dont like movies where the main character has some kind of mental illness. i e Punch drunk love, i am sam, dont say a word. but this was written well enough and ryan gousline does a good job making it not awkward. so check check check it out whats whats whats it all about.

your sex doll Travis?

I actually watched this movie independently of Travis. I really liked this movie. Though he is not mentally retarded like all the other movies Travis mentioned, he just has a mental breakdown. I thought Ryan Gosling did a great job as well. Also, Travis. I think your sister is trying to tell you something.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Cap Question

So last week when we talked about the Hulk I asked if anybody saw where captain america is in the this movie since the Director himself said he was. Well as it turns out this is not true.

There was a scene filmed where the Bruce Banner is trying to kill himself in antartica (or something like that, needless to say there are glaciers), but the Hulk comes to life and stops him before he does. The Hulk stomps around and dislodges some ice, and apparently Captain America is in the ice somewhere, and the Hulk dislodges him.

From what I heard it's not really surprising that this scene was cut, because it seemed more just to stick Captain America in there, and not because it fit with the story line, but appranlty this is the answer to the Cap question. Very Cloverfield-esque if you ask me.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny Games

Funny Games was a very interesting movie to watch. It seems at first like it will be just a typical horror movie, but the killers in the movie are so strange that it makes them very comical, if not a little likeable. The movie contains some elements that are not usually present in American cinema such as characters talking directly to the camera, and music that doesn't fit the scene and serves to sort of jar the viewer. The directer normally makes foreign films and this was his first American film. Overall I thought the movie was pretty good, the first half of the movie was great, but the second half was a little dull. I did like the ending though so I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys movies that don't fit the normal formula that Hollywood so often uses.

The Bucket List ??

almost wanted to give this movie three ??? but i could do it. Jack nicholas was pretty funny for a old senile person. so anyways this movie is the tale of two strangers that meet in a hospital and find out they only have six months to live to they make a list of things to do before the kick the bucket. i was pretty happy with the ending too because it wasnt super predictable. so yea i would suggest this movie.

say what you need to say Travis?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Glen's Listening too

So everyone else has been posting about music lately so I thought I'd post some of the stuff I've been listening too.
Ratatat - LP3
Instrumental electronic dance rock. Some of the best musicians you'll ever here. Kind of slow down-tempo stuff with tons of crazy instrumentation. I've been waiting for this album for a long time. Their previous Album Classics was amazing, and this album is almost as good in my opinion. It's hard to tell you who they sound like, because they really don't really sound like anyone else. They are truly an original band.The Envy Corps - Dwell
Mr Devin Askounis recomended this band to me. I really didn't care for them at first, but this CD is a real grower. So if you don't like them at first don't give up on them. I've really gotten into it. Envy Corps is a indie rock band that has no problem switching from up-tempo to down-tempo, and is great a coming up with with really catchy songs. For fans of bands like Dear and the Headlights, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Moneen.
MC Chris - mc chris is dead
I've been listening to MC Chris for a long time now. This is his fifth album. MC Chris has been called a nerd rapper. He has an extremely high voice, and raps extremely fast. While his voice can be off putting to some, if you can get past it, you can find some great music. He raps about all the normal hip-hop stuff, girls drugs and boose, but also raps about stuff like video games, reese's pieces and nerd girls. I found this album to be a lot better than his previous effort (Dungeon Master Of Ceremonies), but not as good as his first couple albums (Knowing is Half the Hassle and Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp). For fans of MC Lars and any adult swim show (he did the voice of Hesh from Sealab and MC peepants from Aqua Teen).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Random Question Answer

So yeah if you haven't heard or listened to the podcast(Worst Episode Ever) Mr. Glen said I would say my answer to the random topic. The topic was favorite character on The Simpsons. My answer is Chief Wiggum. He is hilarious I've seen every episode of the simpsons and he is pritty much the only one who can make me laugh all the time. My favorite moment from the chief is when he was trying to make new laws to arrested people in Springfield and so Homer was kicking a can around and so Wiggum says if he kicks that can more then 5 times we are going to arrest him. So long story short Homer kicks the can 5 times and and the Chief arrest him and he says "OK Kicky Mantle" your going to the big house.

Ace Enders new CD

Thanks to Glen Walker aka Neworld told me about this CD that came out in the pasted week or so. I listened too it the other day and I got to say I like it a lot which is not surprising cause Ace Enders was in Early November and I liked Early November when they were a band. So if you like Early November or Ace I would say get the CD or you can go to to download the CD for free.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Lil Wayne CD

So yeah I'm not a huge rap or hip hop guy but for some reason everyone in Maryland is loving this guy. So i decided to download Lil Wayne 's CD the carter 3 to see why everyone is loving this guy. So i got to say its not bad there's about 22 songs and about half the CD is produced by Kanya West, and I'm a big fan of his work and I'm a little byes towards my thoughts on the CD. I give an A- cause of Kanya West and also Lil Wayne's lyrics are good and the beats are good as well.


So I've been trying to get blank of the week on iTunes for quite a  while now, and after persistent efforts we are up and running. If you click here it will take you directly to our page in the iTunes store. We are now searchable and everything so you can do it that way as well. We still need to put up some artwork, but besides that it's totally ready to go. 

I'm going to be very on top of things about getting the podcasts up there now. So if you choose to subscribe, you won't be out of the loop.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Stardate: Year of the Tiger

So Futurama is pretty much favorite show of all time(spoiler). And when I heard they were making these new movies I was really excited, but after watching the first one (Benders Big Score) I was more than a little dissapointed. All the characters and animation seemed the same, but the writing just wasn't there. It seemed like they trying to do everything in one movie, and it really didn't work.

This movie, the second in the series, works a lot better than the previous effort. There were far more laughs than the previous movie. It felt more like a continuation of the series. It felt like a long episode just like the first movie did, but this time it fit in continuity better (whereas BBS could have been any where in the series). None of the jokes felt forced, it felt more organic and more just like Futurama. The addition of David Cross to this DVD was amazing. If you listen to the show you probably heard me say that David Cross is my favorite Comedian, and he was such a great addition to this movie, he actually had a lot of the best lines of the movie.

Anybody on the fence about these DVD's should just skip the first one and go straight to this one.

New Coldplay album

So I decided to listen to the new Coldplay album the other day, (you know how I know your gay, you listen to Coldplay), there I already said the joke so now it won't be funny if you use it on me, anyways I really like the new single so I decided to give the album a listen. After my first listen I would have to say this is a really average if not below average album. For a band that everyone seems to rave about I really didn't see what all the buzz was about. Most of the songs on the album sound just like other songs on the album, there's nothing really new or innovative about the album, and I really only like 2 or 3 songs. I'm going to give it a couple more listens because sometimes albums grow on me after I listen to them more, but right now I'm fairly dissapointed in it.

Worst. Episode. EVER!

This is the first episode update. Our new episode is up over at the myspace page. It's called Worst Episode Ever, and it features talk of the Hulk, Simpsons, The new blog, Sci-Fi and Bukakee. Check it out now.

hatchet movie review

hello movie fans its me travis?

in this blog i will review movies i have just seen. i will have a rating system. one ? means the movie is pretty bad. two ? mean the movie is ok, and three ? means see it. with that.

Hatchet ??

yes, two ?. i was first turned on to this movie when i met kane hodder at a local comic convention. he said it was one of the best movies he had worked on. that's saying something from the guy who played jason from the friday the 13th movies 4 times. he has also appeared in numerous other horror movies. well my friend glen was with me and he said that the movie sucked, but i also know glen doesn't love the horror movies likes i do. so. hatchet is the tale of victor crowley and born disfigured man. who is made fun of and terrorized. does this sound like friday the 13th anyone. then gets killed in accident. wow does this really sound like friday the 13th. so some years after the event a bunch of college kids go on a haunted swamp tour and get more then they bargained for. this movie is funny, super gory, and about half of the actors can act. so if you are a fan of the slasher genre you will like this one. i will also say kane hodder as victors dad i was very surprised on how well he did.

make america strong, watch horror movies
your friend travis?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

new blogger

what up this Eddie from Maryland.


Heyo. This is the blank of the week of blog. A new feature of the blank of the week. What all is going to happen here is not set in stone, but some things that are going to happen are more Reviews (Movies, Books, CD's and stuff like that).
We are also going to be doing events. We had an awesome event last night where we got drunk and watched terrible movies. The working title of these events is CrapFest, but that might change. Here are the movies we watched last night:TEETH
Escape From LA
Both were great. They fit the criteria perfectly. Also the other main attraction was Hopefully the next one will be bigger and better.