Friday, July 18, 2008

songs stuff

so if your new to this blog or you just dont know this i have a stage name for my music. Sufferin Advocate. check it out. so what im gonna do is while i work on songs im going to be posting them and what they re about. so here we go.
i have this friend in arizona and i remember her one time telling me that is was crazy there and i came up with this line

she says AZ
is so crazy

i know its not great but it hasnt left me in years so im still trying to write a song around it.

she only calls me on my birthday
to sing me that song
the years have passed by
and i can tell somethings wrong
its the tone of her voice
or the beer on her breath
as she tells me she loves me
and misses the west

she says Az
is so crazy

and this is where im lost. yea. any help would help.

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