Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hell is Eternity In Bruges

So we see a movie every week, but some times there are too many movies and certain people *cough*chris*cough* don't want to see some of them. In Bruges was one of these movies. All in all this movie was pretty damn good. It's essentially a Hitman movie, but not like one you've ever seen before.

Without giving too much away. The movie starts off with two guys who are in Bruges after a Hit. And that's half the movie. The movie takes a turn about half through and changes quite a bit, but it's a very logical change, ane made a lot of sense. this movie is probably least action-packed action movie ever, but the real charm of this movie is the charcters. They were all great especially the midget actor.

I highly recomend renting this movie. Even if you hate Colin Farrell, don't worry, every one else makes up for it.

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