Monday, July 14, 2008

Ed Gein The Butcher Of Plainfield ?

so this a movie based on the "true events" of Ed Gein. those of you not educated in american serial killer history ed gein was the original leatherface. back in the 1950's in plainfield, wisconsin. he would wear peoples skin, dig up bodies for the cemetry, and who knows what else. so being that he is my favorite serial killer if i had to pick, i was looking forward to this movie. the movie also stars kane hodder, which i like the guy and he can act, he was just to big for the part. that and he was the best actor in the movie, makes it hard for me to root against him. so this movie only got ? but you if do like ed gein, leatheface, or kane hodder you should check this picture show out.

che che che ah ah ah Travis? Travis? Travis?

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