Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prom Night

Wow...this movie good. I've seen many bad horror movies, but this one was definately one of the more terrible ones. So this movie is about a girl named Donna whose family is killed by a teacher at her high school who is obsessed with her. Years later she is still living in the same town, with her aunt and uncle, while her stalker bides his time in prison. So we all know he won't be in there for long, and sure enough he miraculously escapes from a vent in his cell (why on earth would there be a vent that could be accessed as an exit in his cell is a really good question) just in time to crash Donna's prom, which this movie touts as one of the most important nights of anybody's life. So to make a long story short the killer shows up, starts killing Donna's friends, and I'm sure you can predict what happens. This movie was full of horror cliches and the acting wasn't very good, but the real reason this movie fell flat is the killer isn't convincing at all, and he isn't scary at all. Due to this unfortunate casting the movie becomes dull and there isn't any real fear when the killer pops up on screen which is necessary for a horror movie to succeed. Overall I would say don't rent this movie, even if you are a huge fan of Brittany Snow, or Jessica Stroup (which I am) it's not worth the ensuing boredom.

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