Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I don't think I could have been more ambivalent about seeing this movie. But the Blank Crew was at Blockbuster, and I let Travis and Chris pick the movie, and they decided on this. I wasn't excited about it, but I also wasn't against it.
We started watching and surprisingly it wasn't bad. I was into it. The acting wasn't bad. The story was progressing nicely, and the main character was relatable. Besides a series of lame duck voice overs, and a plot that revolved around math, it wasn't bad. But near the end the movie did one of my ultimate pet peeves. It did the classic were gonna shit all over the main character moves. Where in a single stroke the main character loses everything. And on top of that this is when the logic started to leave the movie. I spent the rest of the movie complaining about all the inconsistencies, and out of character moments, which totally took me out of the movie. Then it all wrapped up with a semi-sweet ending.
The end result: If you like Gambling Movies, are a math nerd, or enjoy the work of Kate Bosworth, you'll probably dig this movie. If not, prepare to be moderately entertained.

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