Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dan In Real Life

I was pleasantly surprised with Dan In Real Life. The trailers for the movie were completely unrepresentative of what the movie was about and made it appear to be another bad Steve Carrell family comedy, but this movie wasn't bad. Dan In Real Life is about a man who writes an advice column about parenting. Dan is a widower who has three daughters. The majority of the movie takes place at a family reunion at Dan's parents house in Rhode Island. There Dan meets an interesting woman in a book store and the two share a moment until the woman is called away by her boyfriend. Dan finds out later that the woman he met is his brother's girlfriend and she is also staying with them at Dan's parent's house, which makes for moments filled with ackward tension throughout the film. If you enjoy romantic comedies or are a Steve Carrell fan, then I would recommend Dan In Real Life to you, and you might even enjoy it if you aern't any of those things. Also Dane Cook delivers another unfunny but capable performance in this film.

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