Saturday, August 9, 2008


So the blank crew sat down a couple days ago, and watched the movie Otis. We had seen the preview, and all thought it looked like it could be entertaining. The movies basic plot is that there is a serial killer (Otis) who is kidnapping girls to go the prom with him. Sound interesting right? Well if the movie had been just that, it wouldn't have been bad. I'd go as far as to say that the first 45 minutes of the movie we were actually enjoying the movie. It had some laughs, some gore, and interesting characters, but about half way through the movie we realized they'd pretty much already resolved the Otis story, but there was still another 1 hour left in the movie. At this point the movie takes a ridiculous turn, and it's all down here from there. The second half of the movie was pretty terrible, and became too goofy, and unrealistic. If you saw previews for this movie and were interested, check it out, but turn it off after the first 45 mintues.

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