Friday, August 15, 2008

Reservoir Dogs ??

so i just re watched this the other day. i think the last time i saw it was in high school. its the story of crooks who meet up after a the job they pull on a diamond store, and they try to figure what went wrong. i like this movie for the fact that its pretty original because its a heist movie thats not about the heist. my only complaint to the movie is its hard to like the character with little to no back ground, or character development. its good thought with ending you'd even the kiddies can enjoy. check it out.

nah baby this is a Travis? whats a Travis?

Glen's Take:
I agree with a lot of what you said. But you said there is no character development. I really disagree. There is no back story on the characters, but the whole movie is character development. It's tough fully developing all the characters, because it's an ensemble cast. But I think several of the characters especially the cop(Tim Roth) (who did have backstory), and Harvey Keitels characters, both had a significant amount of of Character Development.

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