Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lars and the real girl ??

so this movie was given to my by my sister for my birthday. i can only wonder if she was trying to say something. the story is about a man named lars who lives in his brothers garage. hes a complete loner ,so he orders a sex doll that he believes is alive. yea. i usually dont like movies where the main character has some kind of mental illness. i e Punch drunk love, i am sam, dont say a word. but this was written well enough and ryan gousline does a good job making it not awkward. so check check check it out whats whats whats it all about.

your sex doll Travis?

I actually watched this movie independently of Travis. I really liked this movie. Though he is not mentally retarded like all the other movies Travis mentioned, he just has a mental breakdown. I thought Ryan Gosling did a great job as well. Also, Travis. I think your sister is trying to tell you something.


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