Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Cap Question

So last week when we talked about the Hulk I asked if anybody saw where captain america is in the this movie since the Director himself said he was. Well as it turns out this is not true.

There was a scene filmed where the Bruce Banner is trying to kill himself in antartica (or something like that, needless to say there are glaciers), but the Hulk comes to life and stops him before he does. The Hulk stomps around and dislodges some ice, and apparently Captain America is in the ice somewhere, and the Hulk dislodges him.

From what I heard it's not really surprising that this scene was cut, because it seemed more just to stick Captain America in there, and not because it fit with the story line, but appranlty this is the answer to the Cap question. Very Cloverfield-esque if you ask me.

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