Monday, June 16, 2008

Stardate: Year of the Tiger

So Futurama is pretty much favorite show of all time(spoiler). And when I heard they were making these new movies I was really excited, but after watching the first one (Benders Big Score) I was more than a little dissapointed. All the characters and animation seemed the same, but the writing just wasn't there. It seemed like they trying to do everything in one movie, and it really didn't work.

This movie, the second in the series, works a lot better than the previous effort. There were far more laughs than the previous movie. It felt more like a continuation of the series. It felt like a long episode just like the first movie did, but this time it fit in continuity better (whereas BBS could have been any where in the series). None of the jokes felt forced, it felt more organic and more just like Futurama. The addition of David Cross to this DVD was amazing. If you listen to the show you probably heard me say that David Cross is my favorite Comedian, and he was such a great addition to this movie, he actually had a lot of the best lines of the movie.

Anybody on the fence about these DVD's should just skip the first one and go straight to this one.

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