Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Random Question Answer

So yeah if you haven't heard or listened to the podcast(Worst Episode Ever) Mr. Glen said I would say my answer to the random topic. The topic was favorite character on The Simpsons. My answer is Chief Wiggum. He is hilarious I've seen every episode of the simpsons and he is pritty much the only one who can make me laugh all the time. My favorite moment from the chief is when he was trying to make new laws to arrested people in Springfield and so Homer was kicking a can around and so Wiggum says if he kicks that can more then 5 times we are going to arrest him. So long story short Homer kicks the can 5 times and and the Chief arrest him and he says "OK Kicky Mantle" your going to the big house.

1 comment:

Eric said...

that episode, and that Wiggum line... totally hilarious.

then he says "and give the can that whole CSI treatment. you know, music, shots from the can's point of view... you know."

and the camera zooms down to do that.